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Date: 4 March, 2019

Our designs (packs for memory cards / usb drives / ram modules / msata SSD)

Item Photo
Smart phone case / cover / shell flash case black cover for apple iphone 4 4s  samsung htc
Memory card & accessories flash memory card plastic blister box esd package micro sd mini sd ms pro duo m2 cf reader adaptor
SSD (Solid State Drive) & accessories ssd esd package blister box conductive tray
CPU processor and accessories intel amd cpu processor tray esd tray package blister clamshell box antistatic conductive (1)

Network Interface card adapter packaging

Label sticker
LED bulb packages
ESD Bags
& Plastic Bags
Item Photo
Manufacturing & design of PCB printed circuit board pcb dram memory module ddr3 ddr2 ddr1 sdram flash card micro sdhc sdxc m2 ms pro duo cf dram memory module ddr3 ddr2 ddr1 ssd solid state drive disk USB 3.0

Memory ram module & accessories

esd package conductive dram memory module blister box tray ddr3 ddr2 ddr1
Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and accessories hard disk drive esd package blister box clamshell tray
Transceiver packaging clamshell plastic box
Wireless wifi module tray packaging
USB Flash Pen Driver
hard disk drive esd package blister box clamshell tray
COB (Chip on Board) packaging plastic box clamshell
ESD cardboard box

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Memorypack Industrial Co.,Ltd.

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Manufacturing and design of computer components and IT accessories
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