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Model number. SDCBA-C01 (SDHC / SD / MMC Card to Cardbus PC Card Reader / Adapter )
Model: SDCBA-C01
Specification SDHC / SD / MMC Card to
Cardbus PC Card Reader / Adapter
Dimension 85.0 mm(L)* 54.0 mm(W)* 5.0 mm(H)
Features Compliant with 32-bit CardBus Type II PC Card interface (JEIDA 4.2).  Maximum frequency reaches 33MHz
Compliant with SD Memory Card Specification 2.0.
Supports SDHC / High Speed SD Clock (50MHz)
Compliant with SDIO Specification 1.1
Supports all kinds of SDIO Card Applications.
Compliant with SD Host Controller Standard Specification 1.0
Compliant with MultiMediaCard Specification 4.1
Supports MMC Plus and MMC Mobile (with adapter.)
Push-Push card slot for easy insertion/extraction of card.
Low power consumption, 3.3V single power operation.
Software Suspend mode compliant with ACPI.
Supports Hardware Suspend.

1 carton = 200pcs = 41 x 21  x 48 cm = 1.46 cubic feet = 12  KGS
MOQ = 200pcs


Input Socket SDHC / SD (SD Specification 2.0)
SDIO (SDIO Specification 1.1)
MMC (MMC Specification 4.1)
Output Interface 32-bit CardBus Type II PC Card
Supporting Card SDHC 4GB
miniSD 8MB~2GB (Adapter Required)
microSDHC 4GB~ (Adapter Required)
microSD 8MB~2GB (Adapter Required)
MMC / MMC Plus All Capacities
RS-MMC / MMC Mobile All Capacities
Supporting OS Windows XP / VISTA
Safety Approval CE / FCC
Details about the carton Model : pcs = 1 carton = x x = cubic feet = KGS


sd sdhc mmc card to cardbus pc card reader adapter memory sdcba-c01

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