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Code Specification Photo Description
1 CPU Tray

CPU esd tray packaging antistatic conductive

CPU 托盤 / CPU 工作盤

2 CPU Plastic box (1-count) CPU esd blister plastic clamshell box packaging antistatic conductive

CPU 單入泡殼 / 單入塑膠盒
3 CPU Container CPU esd container packaging antistatic conductive

CPU 塑膠盒(上蓋+下蓋)

From left to right
Intel P3
Intel 478
Intel LGA 775 (like E5400)
Intel LGA 1156 (like G6950)
Intel LGA 1366 (like I7-930)

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cpu processor plastic clamshell box tray
cpu packaging
cpu container
cpu tray
cpu plastic box
cpu esd packaging

CPU foam plastic esd box
CPU foam packaging 
CPU foam box 
CPU foam clamshell 
CPU foam clamshell box
CPU foam clamshell tray
CPU foam plastic esd box

CPU 吸塑盒塑膠盒包材抗靜電盒彩盒
CPU 塑膠盒
CPU 塑膠殼
CPU 塑膠泡殼
CPU 塑膠包裝
CPU 塑膠包材
CPU 包裝
CPU 包材
CPU 抗靜電包材
CPU 抗靜電包裝
CPU 抗靜電盒
CPU 抗靜電包裝
CPU 導電包材
CPU 導電包裝
CPU 導電盒
CPU 導電包裝
CPU 包裝設計
CPU 包材設計


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