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Patented storage box for your sim cards, memory cards and photo stickers

Model number. SA-5K (album for memory cards /sim card / usb adapters / usb reader)
PAT NO US 7017737B1
code Photo Model number Description 規格
01 SA-5K (Crystal black)
Color: Crystal black
顏色: 水晶黑
02 SA-5K (Oxblood red) Color: Oxblood red 顏色: 豬肝紅
03 SA-5K (Light blue) Color: Light blue 顏色: 淺藍
04 SA-5K (Light purple) Color: Light purple 顏色: 淺紫
05 SA-5K (Light green) Color: Light green 顏色: 淺綠
06 SA-5K (Pink) Color: Pink
顏色: 粉紅色
07 SA-5K (Black) Color: Black 顏色: 黑色
08 SA-5K (Lemon yellow) Color: Lemon yellow 顏色: 檸檬黃
09 SA-5K (Fuchsia) Color: Fuchsia 顏色: 紫紅色

(1)We are very sorry for that we have too many enquries. We don't want to waste much time discussing with any protential customers for the issues "free sample offering" and "free shipping".
(2)Please refer to the left video. We pack colorful SA-5K in one small box by UPS express S box (the box sizes are 31.6 x 6 x 28cm). You can check and for the shipping cost.
(3) We accept paypal ( The paypal charge will be 5% x (value of the goods + shipping)

Colors of our SA-5K
OEM your case (see video)
Specimen (put your logo upon the pack / OEM for your own brand sim card storage box)

Photo Packed Details about the carton

500pcs = 1 carton = 0.68 cubic feet = 6.5 KGS

poly bag 1000pcs = 1 carton = 4 cubic feet = 23 KGS (11)
Packed by blister clamshell box (model 1678) + paper back card 500pcs = 1 carton = 4 cubic feet

Model: SA-5K (album for memory cards /sim card / usb adapters / usb reader)

1 carton = 200pcs = 33 x 29 x 20 cm = 0.68 cubic feet = 4.0 KGS (2.3)

1000pcs = 5 cartons = 3.4 cubic feet = 20 KGS
2000pcs = 10 cartons = 6.8 cubic feet = 40 KGS
5000pcs = 25 cartons = 17 cubic feet = 100 KGS
10,000pcs = 50 cartons 34 cubic feet = 200 KGS

1 x 20ft container = 925 cubic feet

If you need more information, please contact with with us

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Shinly Plastics corporation
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memory card sim card usb adaptor reader album holder plastic PAT NO US 7017737B1