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DVD memory card box case packaging


Sizes (while closed)= 136mm x 191mm x14mm 

1 carton = 100 pcs = 552mm x 382mm x 200mm = 1.5 cubic feet = 8.9 KGS

Poster sizes = L 273mm x W 183mm (includ back width 13mm) 

This PP box will be designed "combo" for 1-count memory card mini case and USB business card. 

(1) memory card mini case's specification can be 
1 microSD
1 microSD + 1 SD
1 microSD + 1 ms pro duo
2 microSD + 1 SD
2 microSD + 1 ms pro duo
4 microSD
6 microSD
1 SD
2 SD
1 CF 

(2) USB business card

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