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Heat sinks 散熱片 HTS CODE: 8473.30.00.00-6

Code dram memory module Photo Model number Description
1 Macpro dimm MPK-MACPRO-HEAT SINKS Macpro dimm heat sinks spreaders
2 Rdimm MPK-R3DIMM-HEAT Intel RDIMM / Kingston R3 dimm heat sinks spreaders
3 Long dimm MPK-LONGDIMM-HEAT long dimm dram memory module heat sinks heat spreader
4 So dimm MPK-SODIMM-HEAT so dimm memory ram heat sinks heat spreader
5 VLP dimm MPK-VLPDIMM-HEAT VLP long dimm heat sinks spreaders
6 Intel FB-DIMM MPK-FBDIMM-HEAT Intel FB-DIMM heat sinks heat spreaders
7 Mini dimm   MPK-MINIDIMM-HEAT Mini dimm heat sinks heat spreaders
8 VLP mini dimm   MPK-VLPMINIDIMM-HEAT Vlp mini dimm heat sinks heat spreaders
9 Micro dimm   MPK-MICROIMM-HEAT Micro dimm heat sinks heat spreaders
10 Sun module   MPK-SUNMODULE-HEAT Sun module heat sinks heat spreaders

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