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Model 2019 ( clear lid + clear base )
Model NO. 2019 (clear lid + clear base)
Specification for biomedical waste container disposal
Dimensions (closed) L 735 x W 245 x H 60 mm
Details about the cartons Model NO. 2019 = ? pieces = 1 carton = ? x ? x ? mm = ? cubic feet = ? KGS (?) CTN NO.?
Model NO. 2019 = ? pieces = 1 carton = ? x ? x ? mm = ? cubic feet = ? KGS (?) CTN NO.?


Code Video file English (Description) Chinese Link (連結)
1 biomedical waste box NO. 2019 Biomedical waste packaging plastic box NO. 2019 ( 生物醫學廢物包裝塑料盒 NO. 2019 (

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