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Code Photo Description 中文說明
1 memory card mini cases / jewel boxes (please click) 記憶卡塑膠射出小白盒,珍珠盒
2 Sim card & memory card storage box (please click) 專利設計記憶卡儲存整理盒(針對數位相機,智慧型手機,攜帶型遊戲機)
3 envelope paper pack + internal plastic inserts (please click) 信封紙包材 + 塑膠內襯(裝記憶卡)
4 pure plastic blister clamshell box (please click) 純塑膠真空成型、壓空成型記憶卡泡殼/包材
5 art box + plastic insert for memory cards (please click) 彩盒+記憶卡塑膠內襯
6 memory card trays (please click) 記憶卡真空成型/壓空成型盤
7 Memory card labels stickers (please click) 客製化記憶卡貼紙印刷製造

Back flash cards & accessories

flash memory card reader adaptor plastic esd package blister clamshell tray micro sd sdhc m2 ms pro do mini sd cf xd usb 2.0 3.0.htm


Memorypack堡隆有限公司 / POLU industrial Ltd , Main Products:
Smart phone case / cover / shell
Manufacturing & design of PCB: For dram memory modules, For flash memory cards, For SSD (Solid State Disk), For USB
Flash memory card & accessories
  1. Flash memory card readers / adaptors ( Micro SD /SDHC to SD/SDHC, Mini sd to sd adaptor, Micro SD/SDHC to mini SD/SDHC, Micro SD to CF I, SD / SDHC / MMC to CF II reader adaptor, All in 1 memory card reader / adaptor, Micro sd to USB 2.0 reader / adaptor, Micro SD & m2 to USB 2.0 reader / adaptor, SDXC & SDHC to USB 2.0 reader / adaptor, SD & SDHC to USB 2.0 reader / adaptor, Micro SDXC & SDXC to USB 2.0 reader / adaptor, USB 3.0 reader (support micro sdxc & sdxc), micro sd to xD, SD / SDHC / MMC card to cardbus pc card reader / adapter, PCI to CardBus/PCMCIA PC Card Adapter + 3.5" Card Drive, CF (CompactFlash) to 2.5” SATA (Serial ATA) interface HDD )
  2. Memory card packages ( Memory card storage box, Memory card packages(pure plastic blister clamshell box , envelope paper pack + internal plastic inserts , memory card mini cases / jewel boxes, memory card trays), Memory card labels / stickers )
  3. Introduction of flash memory cards' brands ( Fujitsu memory card, Kingston dram memory module / flash memory cards )
  4. Memory card / USB duplicators

Dram module & accessories

  1. PCB for dram memory modules / flash memory cards / SSD / USB
  2. Dram memory module packages, dram memory module heat sinks ( Long dimm, So dimm, VLP dimm, Mini dimm, VLP mini dimm, Micro dimm, Sun module, Apple FB dimm, 72 pin, cardboard box )
  3. heat spreaders

SSD (Solid State Drive) & accessories ( packages and tray, adapters / converters )
Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and accessories (2.5" SSD / 2.5" HDD / 1.8" SSD / 1.8" HDD,  3.5" HDD)
CPU processor and accessories (Plastic blister &Trays for CPU processor: Intel P3, Intel 478, Intel LGA 775 /like E5400, Intel LGA 1156/like G6950, Intel LGA 1366/like I7-930)
USB Flash Pen Driver Packages
ESD cardboard box
Plastic bags for battery, memory cards & others
‧Dram memory module converter / adaptors

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